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Sep 13 - Luncheon at AFA falcon Club

Oct 11 - Luncheon at AFA Falcon Club

*Nov 15 - Luncheon at AFA Falcon Club

Dec 13 - Luncheon at AFA Falcon Club

*note change of date



RSVP & Pay at the Door: 
Send email to

OR- Call 719-487-0927 the "Reservation Hotline"
RSVP Deadline is 1600 Monday prior to the meeting.  

If you have problems with the reservation line, call Provost, Dan Beatty at 719-488-1962


CANCELLATION PROTOCOL:  If you are not able to attend after making a reservation, please cancel NOT LATER THAN the cut-off date/time.   If you do not cancel prior to the cut-off, you may be required to pay for your meal since the Flight is obligated to pay for the number of reservations made for the event.  If you cannot attend and were not able to cancel in time, you may send payment to Falcon Flight 11, P.O. Box 63234, Colorado Springs, CO  80962. 


With the goal of expanding and reinvigorating our Falcon Flight 11 membership, your staff has recently implemented some changes to our fall meeting schedule. First, we've decided to use the Falcon Club at the Air Force Academy as our regular and permanent meeting location.  Our last series of meetings at Peterson AFB have not generally been as well attended and we believe having a consistent site should have a more positive effect.   Moreover, this move will enhance the opportunity for the numerous active-duty aviators at the Academy -- both on the faculty/staff and at the airfield -- to attend our get-togethers.  Incidentally, we're not ruling out occasional meetings at special locations and are actively considering catered events at the Academy airfield and at the National Museum of World War II Aviation.  Second, you will note that one meeting this fall will take place in the evening (Thursday, 15 November).  We're working to arrange for Brigadier General Goodwin, the Commandant of Cadets, to be our speaker.   Her busy schedule mandates the evening meeting, but we're also considering making several of our future meetings evening events as well.  More than a few of the many veterans' organizations in the local area successfully meet in the evenings, even in the wintertime.  Noticeably, many of them routinely attract far more members than we do during luncheons.  If we as Daedalians are going to maintain the size and health of our fraternity/sorority, we must take action to improve the opportunity for younger members to join and participate.  Very few of those eligible, currently working can take 2-3 hours from the middle of their duty days, particularly with travel time, to attend.  We are determined to give them every chance to become excited and active members of our Order.  Our future as an organization depends on it.

Flight 11 NOTAMS


Flight Dues:  If you have not paid your annual Flight dues, please do so ASAP. 
If you need to check your status, contact Sam Hartman at
Flight 11 member Ollie Cellini celebrated his 105th birthday in February 2018.
Flight elections:  If you are willing and interested in being a Flight Officer, please advise.  We need folks to step up.

PAST Notices

Tuesday, May 31st. - Daedalians National Commander, Lt Gen Doug Owens, visited the USAFA and Flight 11.  Flight 11 members are invited to meet General Owens at 1330 at the Eisenhower Golf Club house.
General Owens visit is to explain and discussion the Daedalians National Board recommendation to expand the membership eligibility criteria.  The membership will vote on the proposed changes during June.

If you are unable to meet with General Owens on May 31st, please see the informational video posted here.

The Daedalus Flyer article in Summer 2013 Issue (click to readabout Ollie Cellini (Flight 11 member) andJohn Thompson (Flight 18 member) who both turned 100 in 2013 and met again for the first time in 71 years.

The Flight hosted Lt Gen Michelle Johnson, Air Force Academy Superintendent, for the Feb 12, 2015 luncheon at the AFA Falcon Club.  We also celebrated Ollie Cellini's 102nd birthday!

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