Membership in Falcon Flight 11

To be a member of Falcon Flight 11, a person MUST be a member in good standing of the
 National Order of the Daedalians   (see National website for details and application)  

Falcon Flight 11 dues are $20 (twenty dollars) per year. 
Flight 11 Membership Application  (print and mail)

APOLLO - Update your National Deadalian information (including your email) at

Pay your Flight 11 Annual Dues.  
 Print Membership Application and mail it with a check for $20 (payable to Flight 11) to:   
Order of Daedalians      Flight 11 - Falcon       PO Box 63234       Colo Spgs, CO 80962

When a new member joins on or after 1 October, the dues will be for the next year. 

Life Membership dues are:  $150 if age 70 or older, $250 if age 55-69, and $300 if age less than 55.
Members 90 years of age and older are automatically given a Life Membership.

Only those members who are current on payment of National and Flight dues will be considered to be members in good standing of the National Order of Daedalians and Flight 11. 

In each calendar year, the Membership Chairperson, in coordination with the Treasurer, will notify all Flight members who have not yet paid for the year, with specific mention that they will be dropped from the roll unless payment is subsequently received.


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